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Take a look at what our community is saying about Cheyenne Crest Apartments in Colorado Springs, CO. Here, we deeply value our resident’s voices, and opinions. It is important to us that each resident has a great experience living in our Colorado Springs apartments. Our staff truly cares about the renter, and our services are designed to bring you highly professional management. Discover a community that is centered on giving you a lifestyle that is enhanced on a day-to-day basis by our unique features. Our future and current residents are our top priority, and we can’t wait to show you what sets Cheyenne Crest apart from all of the rest. See for yourself better living, and find the ideal Colorado Springs apartment for you today.



I'm not sure why people rate poorly for tenants when inherently, people suck. However, staff is very friendly. Great location in terms of proximity to I-25, PPCC, Fort Carson, Southgate, etc. I didn't have any problems with the staff or maintenance people. They let you know whenever something else takes precedence before routine things. I guess I'm different in that I remember these are humans and they don't cater to individuals. I don't do the online portion of paying and up until last month, used money orders. Now they give you a card that has the account number and you take that and the amount you'd like to pay to King Soopers (or some other place, I chose King Soopers because it's less than 2 minutes away) and pay directly to them. Maintenance staff is also friendly and helpful. In general, I have no complaints towards the staff. Some tenants are rude but that's just the nature of apartments. The pool is nice and currently being renovated. Never tried the hot tub since it didn't look very clean. Also wished that people would pick up after their dogs and NOT let their children run free without supervision. Definitely witnessed one of them breaking a doggy pot so now that has to be replaced. That kind of going back to people sucking. I never had an issue with parking. It is an open parking lot meaning people who don't live here can park here. Rent prices are okay considering the rent around here is overpriced in general (including other parts of the city). Waste management is good. But I've noticed lazy people not making it to the dumpsters including disposed of glass which towards the north west side dumpster has some glass on the ground. So be careful driving there and walking your fur babies. Loss of one star only because of the community, not because of anything the complex itself can change (after all, you can't kick someone out because of their personality). However with the bad community (which is just a few sour apples not the entire group), it can and most likely will change when leases end. So I'd definitely recommend to a friend! Thanks for reading my novel.


Lived here for little over a year and have to say that the office managers and maintenance workers were vary polite and kind. The rates for these apartments did go up when I lived there but it was normal. Water usage would effect our bills every month but it was because Colorado Springs was pulling water from Pueblo and no one was at fault here only the city. Overall the apartments and staff were extremely helpful, also fixed what they could, and dealt with the crappy nieghbors. Don't blame the people working here for the crappy neighbors we get I had a neighbor who would neglect his child and leave him out in the porch for hours, called the office managers and they had the police called and that boy placed in a safe home! we are next to a military post and obviously there will alarms going off, gun fire, and lots of traffic!


Nice place. I don't live there


There's always good and bad things but not all of them depends on your landlord so, for me it was a nice experience they have courtesy police patrolling the apartments day and night. The apartments are old but they are renovating everything so, must of the apartments are renovated by now. I have a few issues at the beginning but they make sure everything was fixed. Right now the office it's trying to do a couple of programs for the community of residents which I hope it's true. We are going to have meetings once a month and we will talk to the management about our concerns. Another good thing for me it's the nearby grocery shopping a few restaurants and it's only 5 minutes to Fort Carson.



Lived here from 06 to 16. Just moved out when I retired. Each apt has a separate heating and cooling system so you do NOT smell what your neighbor is cooking. My car was never broken in to and a security guard is on call when the office is closed so if your neighbors were to loud you should have called. Dog waste is picked up by their owners with bags provided free and the is a bucket right there to dispose of it. The reviews I have read that are negative sound like the people that were evicted for not following the rules they were given in their rental agreement. They even do a background check on prospective tenants. Small hot tub? Where were you living before? The playboy mansion?? The apartments are close to gate three within walking distance of a grocery and has a nice play ground for the kids. Go look befor you believe the crud that has been posted. Like I said I just moved out but loved living there.


The staff is super nice!


Wonderful, wonderful management. They always worked with us if any issues came up concerning rent. If any problems with the apartment, or if we needed anything fixed, they were always there within a few days if not the day of to fix everything. Anytime any workers were walking around and saw me they were so friendly, and even asked to help me carry some heavy boxes up to the apartment. Cozy apartment, and nice pool. Love this place!!!!


I think most of the posts here seem like these kids are a bit entitled. I'm a young professional and I have enjoyed these apartments a lot more than others I've lived in. The views and location are pretty spectacular and I don't think you can expect everyone to pick up after themselves. I'm sorry - welcome to Colorado, land of "this is my life, you're just here too." Apartment management is really responsive and nice, and they have done a LOT to fix up these places. They spent a lot of time upgrading my electrical and they have completely repainted the exteriors of the buildings. There's also repavement of the parking lot underway this June. Whatever qualms people may have could be with their noisy neighbors, but once mine settled down upstairs, this place is worth every penny. They are apartments, get off your high horse.

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